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State of Water Report (SoWR)

The State of Water Report (SoWR) gives an overview of the status of the water quantity and quality in South Africa. The report focuses on the following indicators:

  1. Surface and ground water quantity
    • Rainfall, Runoff/stream flow
    • Dam storages
    • Groundwater levels
    • Drought and Floods
  2. Surface and ground water quality
    • Licensing
    • Water allocation
  3. Water Use
    • Eutrophication
    • Microbial Pollution
    • Inorganic Chemistry of Water
    • Acid Mine Drainage
  4. Water Protection
    • Groundwater and Surface water reserves
    • Aquatic Ecosystem Health
    • Inorganic Chemistry of Water
    • Acid Mine Drainage
  5. Water Development Infrastructure
    • Status of Infrastructure

The report is an overview on impacts of climatic conditions on water (rainfall, storage and evapotranspiration) during the reporting period, water quality status and trends.

These are some of the dashboards the SoWR includes: